2020 HTHR Projects

Project 1. Under-served Youth Program with Waimanalo El. & Inter

We had the opportunity to work with Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate School during the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year.  We specifically worked with students from their UPLINK program.  Our program included introducing the students to the horses, teaching them how to groom, feed, and of course ride!  The students took great responsibility and ownership in being the horses caregivers.  Riding was also an amazing experience for the kids and even some of the teachers who accompanied them to the field.  The program ran for 5 weeks after school 2x a week from 3pm-5pm.  Here are some testimonials from the students and teachers:

Man Waving American Flag
Project 2. SMAP - Service Member Appreciation Program

In light of the currently global pandemic we have yet to begin any projects with the military but are looking forward to getting started once the COVID-19 virus is no longer a threat to our State and community.

Project 3. New Riding Arena

We are so proud to announce that our arena is completed and has been in use!  This arena was truly a grass roots project that was literally built from the ground up with Khai Agon at the helm, putting in countless hours of work on making this the pride of Hawaii Therapeutic Horseback Riding!  The United States Polo Association was our major contributor along with Hawk Construction, and others who made this dream become a reality.  The field is regulation size 100 ft. wide by 300 ft wide, about the size of 1 football field.  This arena provides a safe environment for our students to learn how to ride.